You Have The Best Cybersecurity But Are You Really Safe?


Most of us think we understand the basics of keeping our computers protected. We further understand that all of the people in our family are connected (through our computer) to the outside world. We may have an infant child that is drinking mother’s milk, but that child’s life is documented on the family computer. The name and location of his doctor are on the computer. His medical records, as well as the people in his life that care for him when his parents are unavailable are listed. School-aged children’s hobbies, school events, tests, and holidays are on the computer. Parents list business meetings, home repairs, vacations, and other responsibilities on their computers.

Adults and children use smartphones to keep up with their lives. Our smartphones speak directly to our computers. So, we use top-of-the-line spyware on our systems and we think we are completely safe.

With the use of our various electronics, we can control the lights, music, television, and other devices in our homes to make our lives comfortable. Remember, if there is a microprocessor that can perform a simple command like “turn on the stereo” it has a microprocessor inside. By now, we have many of them in our home and can’t wait for the next one. But, it would be irresponsible to ignore the fact that there could be cyber-danger in these marvels. This is why the great minds in technology are so dedicated to staying above the curve.

There are microprocessors in your home right now that can hack everything you’ve got

You probably have phones in your home and office, printers, computers, and control centers that control alarms, and cameras in your building. These items are made to do one thing. To do that one thing, they are made with a microprocessor which is also known as an embedded computer. That single microprocessor means that one processor can be hacked. If your office printer is hacked, it can give out data on things that you have printed from your computer to your printer. This may not seem like a big threat but consider this. The 2013 data breach of Target was from an embedded computer that Target added to the point of sale system. Further, there are at least three embedded computers in every monitor of a computer.

The next two decades

The next two decades will be a time of enormous growth in cybersecurity. HP is well in the race against the threats of embedded computers. We are already seeing some of the advertising for their “world’s safest printers.” HP actually pay ethical hackers to try to hack into their systems. The more sophisticated the system, the more sophisticated the hacker. While it may be very early in the game. But, the race is on. You will see all the major companies working hard toward a solution and when there are changes in the computer world, they affect every aspect of the world.

Have Fun and Be Smart

Don’t worry so much about your system that you are afraid to turn it on. Use your screensaver to post motivational quotes for business, communicate between departments, and update your website.

Have your tech team keep your office covered with cutting edge technology, and when you do not need equipment, shut it off. When you are at home, make sure your children are keeping printers, cameras, and cell phones turned off when not in use. If your children are young, supervise them carefully. They should not be playing on a cell phone or tablet alone. They should be away from home monitors or home security systems. You need to watch over their shoulders. They may not even notice if a hacker has turned on their camera.

It is a very exciting time in the world of technology. It is always an exciting race to see who creates the best and biggest thing. This race is all about protection. Once that is perfected, the technology that is already created will be maximized. The race is on and even if we didn’t know it, we are already in it.


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