Video Previews from IGTV Are Now Sharable on Insta-Stories

Instagram stories

On 1st of November, Instagram announced that users could now easily share IGTV videos that they like on their Instagram stories. To share an IGTV story, all you need to do is to click or tap on the little paper airplane icon, which is at the bottom of the IGTV video that you would like to post on your story.

This will post a small preview on your story of that same video and when your friends watch that story they can easily watch the whole video by simply clicking or tapping on the preview.

Testing of a New Feature Promote by Instagram

Instagram Stories

Instagram tests a new type of ad from business pages called Promote stories. This will allow business pages on Instagram to expand and demonstrate their stories to more users without any real effort.

The admin who is running the business page can decide whether to show their story to people in a certain city or country, auto-share their stories to users that have similar interest or following, or just use all of the targeting and sharing methods or parameters to introduce their stories to users which can provide the users with a link to the business’s or company’s social media platform profile or their website.

Facebook Launches Beta Instagram Advanced Page and Account Analytics

Instagram Analytic recently launched by Facebook which is still in beta form is a part of Facebook’s Analytic. The tools provided in the new Instagram Analytic tool have a much wider and diverse number of tools and options than the existing “Insights” tool on Instagram, which could only count the number of new followers, post impressions, story exit and clicks on the website.

This new tool is epically helpful towards business and company accounts as it can keep a lifetime record of retention rates and value of the Instagram Followers who do interact or don’t interact with their profile, posts and content which can be purchased from buzziod, idigic, instaboostgram or buzzdays. They can also inspect how the people who visit and download their app compare with their audience from Instagram or from their Facebook pages. Managers can also request Facebook to give them an Analytics about their Facebook page over the course of several upcoming months.

Story Ads From Instagram Expanded to Facebook

An announcement from Instagram said that the Facebook stories are now going to be an extra addition to the ad placements for brands that use Instagram stories for their ad campaigns. This means that companies and brands that used to share their ads on Instagram stories will now be able to share their ads on Facebook stories with the same immersive environment, targeting, objectives and other capabilities which are provided to them on Instagram story ads.

Promoted Ads on Pinterest

Pinterests new ad format called the “Carousel Promoted Ads” which was recently released by Pinterest is a novel technique of telling great stories and sharing ads on Pinterest. These new promoted ads are accessible by all marketing companies and business accounts in the Ads Manager on Pinterest.



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