US Military Gadgets and Tactical Gear Any Civilian Can Buy

Military Gadgets
Military Gadgets

Everyone is always on the lookout for deals on the gear they depend on every day of their lives. If you can save a few dollars on clothes or on your water bottle, why wouldn’t you? And thanks to military surpluses, it’s possible to save money on your gear while getting some of the highest quality gadgets ever made.

Best of all, not all military gadgets are designed for extreme situations. While it’s good to know that your water bottle may be able to survive a firefight if it needs to, military gadgets are designed with other things in mind. They’re designed to be able to be handled by people on long journeys.

Most military gadgets are designed so that they don’t encumber the people using them. They’re designed to be capable of surviving brutal environments without weighing someone down. Most are also designed to exceed civilian models in terms of performance and durability.

And since they’re sold to civilians as a military surplus, they’re also cheap. When too much of anything is made, its price goes down. And to learn more about cool military gadgets that can benefit your life, keep reading below!

Not All Military Gadgets Need to Be Weapons

Several people believe that the military is totally made up of people wandering through foreign lands, guns in hand. Most civilians believe that the most important pieces of equipment to any member of the military are their weapons. Yet, soldiers depend on more than just guns to do their jobs.

They depend on clothes that will keep them comfortable, no matter the climate or situation they may be in. Soldiers need shoes that will stand up to miles-long treks through dangerous, vicious environments. They need everything that an average person needs, it just needs to be made to meet intense expectations.

That means that if you’re the kind of person who values quality over style, you should buy from military surpluses. The items you find from surplus stores are almost guaranteed to withstand anything you throw at them. You just need to buy it once, and you’ll have it for life!

A Compass Will Show You the Way Through Civilian Life

If you’re a hiker or if just like to get lost as a hobby, you should know the value of a compass. It’s vital to stay oriented while journeying away from society so that you always know your way back to the world. Hikers know how hard it can be to return to the world if you lose your way on a trail.

Compasses play such an important role in the lives of hikers that it’s important to use good ones. Before journeying into the woods, you should equip yourself with a compass that won’t break if you trip. You should also use one that clearly shows the degrees at which your journeying in any direction.

Military compasses do that, and more. They show you the exact degree to which you may be journeying north or south. And since soldiers must venture out into intense, dangerous situations, they’re designed to take whatever you throw at them without breaking!

Stop Fishing for Effective Fishing Products

If you’re a fisherman, or if you just enjoy sailing into the sunset on your boat, then you should be aware of how vicious the water can be. Even the calmest swells will erode your equipment over time, and if you don’t care for your ropes and fishing equipment, you may lose them.

Yet, not everyone has the time or strength to keep up with maritime maintenance. Neither do soldiers, and that’s why their maritime equipment is often lined with fiber lock. In fact, most maritime equipment is similar to civilian versions, except it is treated with a special coating that helps it fight against the water.

Fiberlock prevents erosion and keeps boating lines intact. Yet, it does more than that and if you pick up some equipment that’s been treated with it, you’ll immediately notice the difference. And if you want to learn more about Fiberlock and how it can help your sailing life, there’s a lot of materials online you can read.

Stay Connected Without the Internet

Communication is vital in the military, and in civilian life. When soldiers need to communicate with the rest of the military, it can be to identify threats or to organize combat initiatives. Civilian communication may be less glamorous, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

The internet transformed all kinds of work into a kind of communication. To get anything done, people depend on digital technology to talk with people across the world. If something happens to the internet, the world can grind to a halt.

Yet, the military has the equipment to stay connected to the people you depend on. You can get walkie-talkies if you’re in an industry that requires you to venture away from other people. You can also pick a short-wave radio and speak with people across the country all on your own, without the internet.

There’s More to The Military Than Gadgets

While the military enjoys some of the latest technology being invented today, it’s not all about fancy gadgets. The military is made up of people, and people have simple needs. They need clothes that will keep them warm, and just like anything else, the military can make too many clothes that they sell to average people.

Military clothes are designed to endure rugged conditions and can follow a person throughout their life. A military parka can be used as a Halloween costume as much as a coat to endure a hard winter. And a good pair of socks will help people feel like they’re walking on clouds, wherever they are.

The only drawback is that the military expects its members to conform to specific body types. It can be difficult to find military clothing in your size. But if you do, you’ll never want to get rid of it. 

Military Surpluses Offer More Than Great Deals

Military surplus stares and wonderful places to explore some of the gadgets and tools that keep the military going. They’re good places to step out of civilian life so you can peruse the military gadgets that you may want to return to it with. And since they’re manufactured at such a high quality, they may follow you for the rest of your life.

As military activity picks up around the world, more military products will be manufactured. And to learn about when more military supplies may be available for you, and about the world as a whole, just keep reading here! Our website will always stay updated on the latest news, so you can stay informed!


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