Top 5 File Sharing Apps For Android

file sharing apps for Android

As per the current trends, sharing of files is very common among the people from one device to another. Before a few years back, millions of people are highly used Bluetooth when it comes to sharing files like music and video. Now, everything has been changed in a short period of time. Yes, Bluetooth is very helpful to share the files, but it requires more time to transfer the files. Well, nobody is having enough patience to wait until the large file is shared. If you are seeking for best file sharing apps for Android, then you are in the right place.

By installing the best file transfer applications, you can start to share the file in huge size within a short time. In general, most of the people would find difficult in terms of choosing the best applications for Android device. Without experiencing any issues in transferring the files, you are now ready to share any kind of files as per convenience. Let’s have a discussion about choosing the right application for your Android device.

5 File Sharing Apps For Android

1. Shareit

Shareit File Sharing Apps For Android

When it comes to Shareit Download application, millions of people are using this app on their Android devices. It is considered to be one of the best applications to share the file in a faster as well as smoother way. The major feature of this application is where you can share any type of big files like games, movies, photos and more. When compared to Bluetooth, this application is said to be the faster one in terms of sharing the files. It is also possible for the user to resume the file transfer.

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2. WifiDroid

Wifi Droid File Sharing Apps For Android

It is said to be one of the light weighted applications where anyone can start to access. Also, it comes up with a simple user interface in order to view the files and manage it. The user can access this application and start to stream the videos, music and other media stuff using a browser. This application is absolutely free for the user to download and install on Android devices that whenever you want.

3. Fast File Transfer

Fast File Sharing Apps For Android

Fast file transfer is considered to be the best offline file sharing application. This amazing application will let the user share the 1GB of the file with few minutes in a quick time. By using this application, you can also start to send a number of files or the folders. Once this application is installed, the user can send an unlimited number of files without any restrictions. When it comes to fast sending and receiving of files, you can use QR code.

4. Wi-Fi File Transfer

WiFi File Sharing Apps For Android

For information, Wi-Fi file transfer is said to be one of the most downloaded file sharing apps for Android. It will help the user to upload as well as download the files. The availability of user interface makes it simple for the users to access. It is also possible for the users to delete, rename, zip, copy and more in a quick manner. If you are using Google Chrome browser, then it is possible for you to upload the whole folders.

5. Infinit

Infinit File Sharing Apps For Android

One should know that Infinit is the fastest file transfer application while transferring any kind of files. It is also possible for the users to transfer the larger files that whenever you want. The availability of P2P technology helps to bypass the cloud which helps to connect the devices directly. Also, it is easy for the users to access while transferring the files.


The mentioned file sharing apps for Android will always offer the best experience while transferring the files across the Android platforms. All you need to download and install the file transfer applications on your device.




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