7 Shows You Can’t Afford to Miss on Netflix

Netflix best shows
Netflix best shows

Are you searching for Netflix best shows? Then you are at right place as here I will provide you researched list here only. Netflix is a media-based provider. Its subscription-based streaming service offering internet streaming of movies and TV programs, including those generated in-house. It has over 148 million paid subscriptions worldwide and over 154 million subscriptions total including free trials.

It is available nearly all over the world except in mainland China Syria, North Korea, Iran, and Crimea (due to US sanctions). Even some get it on 123movies for free but if you are looking for quality and safety must opt a subscription. 

I have been watching movies and television show for a long time and finally, I have come down to the Netflix Best Shows available till the date. But perhaps you don’t like films? You might be in the mood to binge a new TV series or a classic that you haven’t seen in a century?

Many individuals would prefer to spend hours or even days in a TV series with the same personalities, and Netflix has one for each mood. Here I’m going to mention some of the best show worth watching.

Netflix Best Shows List

Breaking bad (2008 -13)

You may have heard about it? If there’s an opportunity you’ve yet to see one of the contemporary age’s most famous television shows, it’s right here to make up for the greatest hole in your private TV.

If you’ve been under a rock, Bryan Cranston as an ordinary person who becomes an above-average drug lord provides one of the greatest performances in TV history. It’s worth watching again, even if you’ve seen it.

Breaking bad is one of the highest-rated fictional TV on IMDb. this series will show some slow in the beginning and will take the pace as it goes on. It’s a story about disease and drugs, family and friendship, profit and power, and much, much more.

Walter White is a school chemistry teacher. He can do anything for his family. It is worth watching and if you find in not worth that maybe because of the preference.

Friends (1994 – 04)

This series was the topmost loved tv show of that decade. It gained popularity over the night. This is the story of six friends, 3 young men and young 3 women – Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler. Just like BFF, sharing the same apartment complex, enjoy their gettogether at central perk.

This series shows the things regularly happening in their life, in new york. The funny scenes and the punchlines are incredible. You gonna fall in love with this show. It was not on Netflix till last yes and finally they decided to revisit the same ‘90s and get it to Netflix. Having a bad day or the weekend is coming, start watching it.

Stranger Things

This tv show almost covers all the age groups. There are Stranger things season 3 and the 3rd one is very recent. That means there is a possiblity that you haven’t watched it yet. So, don’t you worry, I am not gonna give you the spoilers because I haven’t watched the 3rd season though, lol.

But In short, a lot happens in this season, which breathes life back into the series after a mixed bag of a second season.

The first two have created some of the best impacts on the audience. This is a really good show, more than a guilty pleasure and more than just a nostalgic nod to the ‘80s movies that inspired it both seasons of Stranger Things absolutely fly. This is how a genre show should be paced.

After watching season 3, people might be eagerly awaiting an announcement of a fourth season. So take out your snacks and sit down for the addictive tales of Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Will, Max, and Eleven, who keep finding themselves in the center of supernatural predicaments.

And while there is no confirmed Season 4 yet, showrunners The Duffer Brothers are already talking about how it would differ vastly from previous seasons.

Master of None

This is another masterpiece to watch. Aziz Ansari and the alan yang are the creators of this Netflix original comedy. That is closely focused on the real-life experiences of Ansari. Ansari plays the role of Dev, an actor based in New York who is struggling both personally and professionally to identify what he really wants.

The film shows glimpses of Dev’s earlier years and discusses present elements of his lives, including contemporary etiquette (in terms of text and social media), as well as being young and single in town. The second season is particularly masterful, as Ansari and alan yang took the creative cache from year one and created something absolutely original and incredible.


Mindhunter” has kicked up a lot of dust with its vivid portrayals of serial killers and there’s no doubt that newcomer Cameron Britten delivers a dynamite performance as Ed Kemper, But overlooked is the far more subtle characterization brought to us by Jonathon Groff as FBI agent Holden Ford.

The first season saw the creation of the Behavioral Science Unit and interviews with real serial killers based on actual conversations. It’s a fascinating, terrifying look at the darkness of what men can do. This is what you should plan to watch on the weekend without this Netflix Best Shows list can’t be completed.

Money heist

No joking but this series is something that I call the worth every penny. I would only say three words for this TV show – “Observe”, “learn”, & “ think’.It has 3 seasons on Netflix, and I am more than excited for the upcoming season of money heist than any other show. Its a must watch!

Here is the storyline. A criminal mastermind who goes by “The Professor” has a plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history – to print billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain To help him carry out the ambitious plan, he recruits eight people with certain abilities and who have nothing to lose. Don’t worry, no more spoiler for you.

The chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show is one of the top thrilling Netflix-original series. It has a dark storyline with beautiful characters in it. Story rounds around the Sabrina the main character and her family. She was adopted by her aunties after the tragic death of her father and mother on the airplane.

Sabrina is a half-mortal and half-witch as her father was a warlock and her mother was a mortal. She hasn’t got her witch powers for what she has to go through baptism. But, chose to stay like a mortal. You will get the other insights as you watch season 1 and 2. The supernatural things happen and you gonna like it for sure.

Sherlock (2010 – Present)

Don’t mix the Sherlock Holmes by Robert Downey Jr with Sherlock Holmes by Benedict Cumberbatch. These both are different in their own ways. But here I am gonna tell you Sherlock Holmes by Benedict. This is the must program for Netflix Best Shows

If the suspense and the thrill is your jam then this is for you. Ultimate series on Netflix. Here goes the storyline like this – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic detective comes to life for the 21st century in Sherlock.

When Dr. John Watson returns from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, he takes a room with the brilliant but antisocial Sherlock Holmes. Together, the two must solve bizarre, complicated murder mysteries, protect state secrets and even undermine a criminal empire for years. The twist and turns will keep up your thrilling experience up and hight for sure.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an anthology science fiction television series. Now it is added on Netflix.  It was a British television show before added to Netflix. About the show, I could say its completely a future shocker that projects the image of ourselves into it.

You know, when I was watching the first season first episode, I was not even minding much about what is going on, but later on, its been like a kinda projectional shock of our image in the series, that we face day by day.

The genre of this series is – Science Fiction, Satire, Psychological thriller, Anthology. Featuring stand-alone films,  strong, suspensive, satirical films exploring techno-paranoia“Black Mirror” is a contemporary reworking of “The Twilight Zone” with stories tapering into the collective unrest about the modern world.

Bottom line

Wanna stress-free on weekend, then go on with our list of Netflix Best Shows and start watching the mentioned seasons. I bet you there is nothing to regret after watching them. Also, make sure if you have any of your favorite television show that you like the most then don’t afraid to comment down in the comment box.


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