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Watching online movies, these days has become quite easy and less hustling. You don’t really have to create any big and messy setup. And you don’t really have to wait for so long. Rather, you don’t have to wait at all for watching your favorite TV shows too. Rainierland is the website that streams and fetches out live TV shows absolutely at your doorsteps.

Not only this, The Rainierland provides you the exclusive amount of TV shows and movies to watch. It’s just a click away from you. Go on, Simply hover upon your favorite genre and you are good to go. Rainierland is free to use and has all the sorts of shows on it. The only thing you got to do is to explore the site and enjoy the shows.

What is Rainierland?

I don’t think, you need definition of rainierland but if you need it, Rainierland is the online movies and TV shows platform. The website is free to use and although there is a vast range of such websites over the internet, Rainierland is one among the trustworthy sites. If you have used and experienced it before and looking forward to rainierland alternatives, then we have section for it too. Internet facility has made it quite easy to watch movies online without having to go anywhere.

Is Rainierland Scam?

No. The official website of Rainierland is definitely not the scam. How can I say this? Check out the facts…

Though the internet is flooded with information and data, there are scams too. Websites are like Rainierland can be duplicated easily in order to create a scam. You might have come across many such websites that are click baits and claim to let you watch movies for free. But these sites appear to be different than what they claim to be. They don’t provide the proper link for the movies or shows and you end up redirecting to other third-party ads and URLs. Some websites let you watch a small part of the movie and then ask you to sign up to the website and add your credit card in order to watch the whole movie. I really such websites annoying and irritating.

It Only Costs You an Internet Connection to Watch Movies Online

You only need to have an internet connection and there are plenty of websites available on the internet where you can download and watch movies without any hassle. You can find any movie whether it is Bollywood, Hollywood, Anime, old or new. You can find them all and watch them without paying any money. Here is a brief review of how Rainierland has been working in the favor of users.


Rainierland Features and its User Reviews

User-Friendly Interface

The User-Interface is very simple and easy to understand. One of the users reviewed the interface of the Rainierland by saying, “Let’s start with the interface of Rainierland. Well, I must say that it’s interface is clean, simple, clutter-free and classy. The content is displayed gracefully which makes the users find the desired movie or TV with ease. The menu bar of Rainierland contains the option to watch movies and to select the TV shows. At the home page of Rainierland, there are featured movies displayed in tiles so that you can explore and watch the movies from the given ones. The right sidebar also contains some of the top TV shows to select from.”

Watch Movies And TV Shows

The user found the database quite amazing and satisfying. User reviewed the website regarding its database of the TV Shows by saying that, “Rainierland lets you watch TV shows and movies free of cost. It has a huge database which contains hundreds of free movies. Not only the movies but you can even watch the TV shows on Rainierland. The great thing is that it contains all the popular TV shows like Game Of Thrones, Vikings, The walking dead, Breaking Bad, Daredevil and so on. So, you can watch all these amazing TV shows free of cost on Rainierland.”

“You can search for the movie or TV show from the search box. It also provides the list of available and popular TV series along with their episodes and you can choose anyone from the menu options. The homepage contains a number of featured movies that you can watch.”

No Signup Need

This feature hits the strike. Signup is a bit annoying process. Users love to hop up directly, but with securely. This is user’s take on not signing up for the website -”Unlike other websites which demand a sign up to the website and add your credit card, Rainierland doesn’t require you to sign up to the website for any reason. Simply visit the website and start watching the desired movie without any interruption. There is no need to signup and login to watch your favorite movies on Rainierland.”

Up-To-Date Database

As mentioned earlier, Rainierland database makes it stand out. Rainierland regularly updates their database to provide the latest update. It updates the database every 3-4 days and includes the new movies for you.

High-Quality Videos

On the quality of the videos, users reviewed the site by saying, “Well, the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the videos. It offers high-quality videos so that you can watch the movies with crystal clear print and high quality to have a better movie watching experience.”

Cons Of Watching Movies With Rainierland

As mentioned the pros of the Rainierland, users also came across few cons of the website, those are –

Loads Of Ads

As the application is free, it comes with ads. Those are annoying and stubborn at times. This is the user’s take on the ads that keep on showcasing – “Since it does not ask you to pay for movies, it serves ads, loads of it. he most irritating thing of Rainierland is that it contains a lot of pop-up ads. Though its interface is clean there are many pop-up ads which come continuously and if you click on them, you will be redirected to another page. So, you have to use it carefully.”

Rainierland is Illegal

As a user, you must be aware of the fact that Rainierland is not legal to use. Still, we are anyways going to use it. “Just like the torrent websites, it is an illegal website too as it serves pirated content. Downloading the movies, games, TV series from Torrent website is illegal in many countries and the same applies to Rainierland. But it is not a big issue, you can use VPN just to hide your location and the IP address to avoid any legal issues.”

Rainierland has a Slow Processing Time

Users complain about the processing time of the website by saying – “This is another con of watching movies on Rainierland. Sometimes it takes forever to load the movie and doesn’t provide you the content to watch. It has happened a few times with me. I tried to watch a movie but I could not load the movie. The screen continued to show the loading for hours. So, the processing of the Rainierland is quite slow sometimes.”

Wrap Up

There are a few programs that are not yet on Rainierland. This is what most of the users say regarding missing programs -“Well, Rainierland is a fine website to watch movies online for free. But it’s not that great as I tried to find some latest movies which are available on other websites but couldn’t found on Rainierland. Also, slow processing makes the website take a longer time to load the contents.”

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Alternative of Rainierland


Image Result Of Couchtuner v/s rainerland

Couchtuner is a website that offers free and lives TV streaming and has been doing so since early 2010. The website started out as a .com and has since expanded to dozens of country-specific domain extensions. With an extensive collection of popular TV shows, all hosted right on the site, CouchTuner has become a popular place to watch TV.

However, if you are considering using it, it would be a good idea to understand what you are about to access.”


Image Result of Hulu v/s rainerland

Gloria reviewed Hulu by saying, “I live abroad and wanted to find the best resource for watching American TV while I’m out of the country for a while. I’ve found Hulu to be my go-to streaming platform for all my favorite American TV shows. The plans are fairly priced and you can even upgrade to a no-commercials plan, which I have and love. It’s well worth the extra money. I get to enjoy all my favorite shows on-demand with no issues so far. I highly recommend Hulu to everyone.”


123Movies v/s rainerland

Sharon reviewed the 123Movies by saying, “123Movies is probably my favorite free streaming website. I really like how simple it is to use, and I enjoy how clean and professional-looking the website is. There are no pesky and annoying ads that pop up everywhere and disrupt viewing of shows and movies, and I really think that this is the best Couch Tuner alternative out on the web today!”


Putlocker v/s rainerland

Kelly reviews Putlocker by saying, “Putlocker is a great alternative to Couch Tuner. I used to use CouchTuner only when I wanted to watch any show, but Putlocker has filled that role now that Couch Tuner is gone for good. My only complaint is that sometimes the ads the site has can be distracting. But as long as I can watch my shows, then I can tolerate them LOL.”


Netflix v/s rainerland

Rosa reviews Netflix by saying, “Everyone knows what and how great Netflix is, I’m sure. It can be used on many different TVs and devices as long as there is an internet connection, and it has a really large database for shows and movies. Of course, the main difference between it and Couch Tuner is that Netflix is NOT free, but I honestly think the subscription is really worth as it offers great shows like doom patrol, scared games, hunger games etc. if you want to stream a lot of shows on a really reliable website. “


Crackle v/s rainerland

Lori reviews Crackle by saying, “Crackle is a pretty decent substitute for Couch Tuner as it pretty much does the exact same thing. One thing to keep in mind when using it, though, is that the app is actually meant for Sony users. So maybe if you aren’t a Sony user you won’t be able to use it? I haven’t tried it on a non-Sony device though so I can’t say for sure.”

The Dare TV

The Dare TV v/s rainerland

Christian reviewed the dare TV by saying, “The Dare Hub is not a program that runs on your phone or computers it is an actual website that can be accessed by either. this site doesn’t actually host the videos, they host links to the servers that do host the videos. Pay close attention to comments and ratings each server is unique in speed, buffer times and quality of the video. Once they work all the bugs out, I believe that this will be a great alternative to Hulu.”


Moviewatcher v/s rainerland

Eric reviewed the Moviewatcher by saying, “I think it is incredible how many movies that one can find on “Moviewatcher.” I feel that it is a great alternative to “Couch Tuner” in so many ways. “Moviewatcher” seems to be more user-friendly and the fact that there is a star rating easily to see in each movie is a giant plus. I will surely be using this service the next time I watch movies or television shows.”

Watch Online Series

Watch Online Series v/s rainerland

Phillip reviewed Watch Online Series by saying that, “I have never used anything like CouchTuner because I have concerns about downloading things I haven’t paid for as well as damaging my computer. I honestly have the same concerns about watch online series.me. Although I’m intrigued by having all of these options available to me, I will be sticking with Netflix which is more well known and gives me less fear than using this option.”


Image Result of Popcornflix v/s rainerland

Lawerence reviewed the Popcornflix by saying, “This isn’t a good alternative. Popcornflix has movies and tv shows that no one cares about. I’m looking through the site and saw nothing I wanted to watch. I’m sure there’s a good alternative to Couch Tuner but this isn’t it.”


Image result for Mmovies v/s rainerland

Movies online reviewed the MMovies by saying, “Google Safe Browsing. I would recommend this to someone who likes to watch movies this is a great alternative for someone who wants to watch movies online for free. There is lots of content to choose from and is easily accessible.”


Image result for TeaTV v/s rainerland

Dejan reviewed the app by saying, “ITS A SIMPLE APP- FOR PC AND ANDROID… users -trakt and reordered. I’m using it and it is updated with tv shows and movies…recommend it for all who is willing to try… won’t be sorry ;}”


Vistrum v/s rainerland

VidSturm is a great alternative for Couch Tuner.

You will find the latest movies and a beta version of the latest TV shows.

Its catalog is pretty awesome.

Mihkel reviewed the app by saying, “VidSturm has all the new movies and tv shows and there’s no add at all”


Image Result of Stream My Movie v/s rainerland

New Stream17 reviewed the app by saying, “Although a new place to watch stuff like this but it’s one of the best out there!!! Well, not only you can watch your favorite movies here but you can also check out some other great info about them such as their storyline, synopsis, trailers etc. Not the things that you will find on other similar sites… Another good thing about it is that it’s still growing its database coz it’s a bit new but it’s growing so it is getting updated regularly. For most movies, you’re gonna find HD prints only which is hard to find these days.”


Image result for Movie4u v/s rainerland

David reviewed the app by saying, “well movies4u does provide a handsome solution to watch your stuff, but they are not much active in terms of tv content on the other hand www.couchtuner.onl is pretty much there on the top for tv shows stuff, you name it they have it, plus they are super fast too. the show gets released and boom they have it”


Philo v/s rainerland

Tyler reviewed the Philo by saying, “Definitely recommending this TV streaming service because so far this has the lowest price. It has straightforward menus to make it easier for you to find your favorite shows plus you can watch shows on three different devices simultaneously. Although I must be honest that currently, it does not have TV support besides Roku and there are limited ways to discover new shows.”

Movies Online

Movies online say that “Watch Movies Online Free without Registration. Find any Movie to Watch Online Free in the Largest Movies Database. All Movies listed here are in HD Quality”


prime wire v/s rainerland

Kimberley reviewed the app by saying, “I wanted to be able to watch movies online. Couch Tuner was perfect. They had a lot of choices and it was easy to navigate. It was the perfect find for what I needed.”


The Rainierland is the online TV shows and movies website to watch for free. Do let us know, which website do you use as your streamer. Also, comment below, your favorite one. If you are using Rainierland, do let us know your reviews of the website. Stay reading us for more such stuff.


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