Modern Computer Apps Revolutionize Logo Maker Crafts

Logo Making
Logo Making

When we see a familiar logo, we think it’s a modern phenomenon. But mankind has been using emblems, signatures for centuries. The symbolic design work we see is all about communicating identity through visual aids. 

Centuries ago, humans used to paint or carve emblems to communicate their identity, aesthetic, cultural, religious, and other information. Like the red Indians, totem poles were the identity symbol of the tribe. 

Moving forward, England’s King Richard II in 1389 passed a law requiring establishments that brewed beer to hang a sign indicating that they did. That’s why pubs, bars, and inns in England have funny signs and names, like ‘The Green Dragon,’ ‘Fighting Cock’ and so on.

It was the papermaking and textile technologies that boosted the development of logos. It was in 1885 when the famous and familiar Coca-Cola logo was created. Even today, it remains the most recognized logo in the world.

The early 1990s saw more and more business houses using logos to identify their products and corporations. IBM was one of the first to have a photographic human eye and bee as its logo. Today, IBM is identified by its letters in blue with white stripes through them. 

Computer-aided graphics designing (CAD) caused a paradigm shift in logo designing. In the latter half of the 20th century, a logo became a must for business houses regardless of their size or popularity. 

Today we identify business houses products and services by their logo. Even associations like the Red Cross logo has become a universal symbol for medical assistance. Whereas the classic ‘I heart NY’ is a favorite must buy a t-shirt for visitors to New York.

For some business houses, periodically changing their logo has become a habit. Remember when you used Google for the first time in the latter part of the 1990s when it was freshly launched. See the logo today; yes, the alphabets and colors are the same, but the font has gone through subtle changes. 

Very few logos have not been changed since they first rolled out. Major brands have embraced the fact that they need to update their logo to stay current. 

Paradigm Shift in The Art of Logo Making in The Modern World

The computer and internet revolution has turned a number of businesses on its head. Today, people who want to excel in their careers and profession have to stay abreast of these new technologies. 

Logo making was a selective industry that required a combination of creativity and artwork. The artists and creators were many sorts after by companies to make their logo for them. 

Today, everyone who has a bit of computer skills and creativity can make a logo. You can make your own business logo by using a logo making app. 

There are virtually thousands of logo app apps beseeching users to use them. You don’t need to have a high-end computer to use them. In fact, several versions are available on mobile phones and tablets. This facilitates people to design and create logos as and when and where they want. 

Most of the apps offered widely across the internet is free. This makes it easier for users to select and use the one they think provides the best fit solution for their requirements. 

Of course, this does not imply that it is a dying industry. High-end business houses still seek their services to design new or update old logos. These business houses do not want to risk losing their easily recognizable identity. Professional logo designers and creators do use computer applications in designing logos, and they prefer to use the high-end logo maker apps, which offer a more extensive choice of designs and tools. 

That Wraps It!

Depending on your requirements, you can use a free or paid logo making app. The apps have thousands of designs, color choices, and fonts for you to use to make your dream logo. Each app offers its unique facilities, and only you can decide which one suits your individual needs. 

If you are starting afresh business and are trying to save time and money wherever you can. You could scroll through the free logo maker apps that are found on the internet and test a few. The final choice is yours, and how people react to it will be for you to see.


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