The Best Apps to Help You Be Productive at College

Mobile App
Mobile App

Between all the assignments, exams and essay writing you have to do, college can be a handful. It’s not that any of these tasks are necessarily hard, it’s the fact that getting the time to do them or finishing them with as few distractions as possible often seems impossible.

Not only that but with the two dozen or so classes you have to attend every week and the amount of work they force you to deal with, keeping track of everything can also be a doozy. You’re in luck, because as the old motto goes, ‘there’s an app for that.’


Forest is a clever app that locks you out from your phone until the timer runs out. Every fifteen minutes the app is open, the seed you planted is watered and grows to a full plant once you’ve completed your task. Otherwise, the tree dies.

Keep it up and at the end of the week/month, you’ll have successfully planted a whole forest of them. For the environment-focused folk, there’s an option to help plant actual trees, too.


Wunderlist is a Microsoft-owned app that helps you put all your notes in order. It’s a great app because everything is so simplified you don’t need a tutorial to get started. You can also add to-do notes and set reminders on them to receive notifications about when tasks are due.


Lumosity is a science-backed app that helps you improve your concentration span and ability to analyze and solve problems. All tests within the app are gamified so that everything is easier to catch onto. Most of them are pattern-recognition questions, but the odd math or general trivia isn’t amiss.


Trello is a productivity app that helps you to organize your projects through boards. If you’ve ever spotted card-based to-do lists anywhere on the internet, they likely borrowed some inspiration from Trello.

Boards can be categorized according to tags, so it’s possible to track things like due and completed projects independently. And since it’s based in the cloud, you’re free to collaborate with group mates and friends.


Evernote is the world’s most popular note-taking app. With over 100 million monthly active users, this app comes with a plethora of features. It will make an essay writer out of anyone thanks to noting syncing, collaboration, its support for a dozen format and the ability to export notes to formats like Docx and PDF. Think of it as a writing helper to prevent you from forgetting another paper again.


Anki is a flashcard app that seeks to help you memorize concepts using ‘spaced repetition’. That’s a fancy way of saying it shows you cards you want to remember, but never repeating them often enough that you cram them.

The point of the app is to remember what you read and understand the concept. In other words, more detailed cards work better than simply stating the answer.

Mobile App
Mobile App

My Study Life

My Study Life is a free mobile app that tracks almost everything a student could need to be tracked: classes, exams, assignments and even the amount of time you sleep. Since everything works automatically, you’ll just find yourself in the habit of relying on it more and more.

Never forget a writing assignment again, or if you do, you can pay for your essay and get quality work done in a quick time. The same writing service can also offer you thesis writing help, dissertation work, and college essays.


Quizlet is a well-known flashcards mobile app that does wonders for people that have topics that need memorizing. It lets you either create original cards or base yours from those already created by other students. With close to 500,000 cards to choose from in 18 different languages, it’s perhaps the best place to get some homework help online.


SimpleMind is a pretty creative mobile app that helps you organize all your thoughts in the form of mind maps. These can then be synced to a cloud provider of your choice and exported as images that can be shared with others. These can be customized further using photos, videos and sound clips.


Noisli is a productivity mobile app that keeps you focused by attempting to remove any distractions from your environment. It does this by playing different sounds, depending on what you’re best at peace with. Need some white noise, whale noises, the sound of people chattering, or ocean waves? Well, there’s no better mobile app to study with.


It’s hard to remain focused in school when faced with dozens of different distractions from all directions seemingly in place to throw you off your goals. Apps like My Study Life, Forest, Evernote, and Noisli were made to make the college experience a little more bearable. From keeping track of all your classes, exams and assignments to simply taking down notes, there’s an app to assist you nearly everything.

Each of these mobile apps has a unique taste to what constitutes productivity, so a general rule of thumb is to try the app out before you make up your mind. For instance, time management might not be your thing, but the mobile app is chock full of ways to promote it.


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