How to Track The Stimulus Check Status | IRS Stimulus Check Tracker

IRS Stimulus Check Tracker

Using the Get My Payment application, you may discover when your third Economic Impact Payment (EIP-III) is planned to be issued, or how and when IRS sent it. Get My Payment receives updates once every day, typically overnight. Do not contact the IRS.  Their phone representatives do not have any information other than what is accessible on Get My Payment no longer has access to previous payment information.

Payment Schedule

Economic Impact Payments (EIP) for the third round are being distributed in stages. While IRS continue to process tax returns, they send the third wave of Economic Impact Payments to qualified taxpayers per week. If you haven’t gotten a payment yet, it doesn’t imply you won’t in the future.

Transactions are paid by direct deposit or by mail in the form of a cheque or a debit card. People who have received a third Economic Impact Payment will receive IRS Notice 1444-C in the mail.

Plus-Up Payment

Plus-up payments are extra payments that send to those who:

  • Previously got a third Economic Impact Payment depending on a 2019 tax return or data from the SSA, RRB, or VA.
  • Based on their 2020 tax return, they may be entitled for a bigger sum. Using your 2020 tax return, IRS automatically determine your eligibility for a plus-up payment.
  • The IRS is collaborating with government agencies to get updated beneficiary details so that we can distribute automated payments to as many people as feasible. More details on when these payments will be paid may be found in the March 30 and April 14 press releases.

Status of Your Payment

IRS Stimulus Check Tracker

Create or browse your online account to see the amount of the third payment, or go to IRS Notice 1444-C, which they mailed after they sent the payment.

If you receive a bonus Economic Impact Payment after your 2020 tax return has been processed:

  • Your initial third payment amount will no longer be shown in your online bank account. Just the amount of your plus-up payment will be displayed.
  • Your initial third payment’s status will no longer be displayed in Get My Payment. You’ll only be able to see the progress of your plus-up payment.

How to Check Refund Status

To monitor your return status online, be using the Where’s My Refund service or the IRS2Go mobile app. That’s the quickest and most convenient way to track your refund. Every 24 hours, the systems are upgraded.

You can contact the IRS to inquire about the status of your refund. However, at this moment, IRS live phone service is exceedingly restricted. The wait to talk with a representative might be lengthy. You may, however, bypass the wait by using the automated telephone system. When you call, follow the message prompts.’

To download IRS2Go mobile application click here – IRS2Go (this application also available in English and Spanish)

How to Check If You Tax Return Summited or Not

You can submit your tax return by mail, utilizing an e-filing website or software, or hiring a tax professional. Whether you owe taxes or are awaiting a refund, you may check the status of your tax return by:

If you file your taxes by mail, you may monitor them and receive confirmation when the IRS receives them. Use USPS Certified Postal or any mail service that offers tracking or delivery confirmation to do this.


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