Download iMessage for PC, Working and its Method of Installation

iMessage for PC

In today’s fast and busy life we don’t have so much time to meet with our close ones often and talk to them for long hours. Our conversation methods have been changed because of the advancement of technology. There are smartphones in our hands and we all busy in chatting through the messaging apps. There are different apps for instant messages. Here in this article, I will describe the iMessage, its working process and how to install it on your PC.

What is iMessage

iMessage is a built-in app developed by the apple for instant messages. It allows you to send pictures, videos, locations, and sounds fastly to the other user of this app. You can use this app on iPhone, iPad, MAC or apple watch. Apple has included some eye-catching feature in iMessage like bubble and screen effects, digital touch, emoji tapbacks etc.

iMessage situate with the SMS and MMS in your iPhone so you can connect with your non-apple user friends with a single app.

How to Download and Install iMessage on PC, Laptop

iMessage is the amazing app for messaging for the ios users but you can also install it on your PC. This is the hot potato of today that how to download and install iMessage on PC/Laptop. For clearing all of your doubts here I will suggest the best possible ways to install this app in your window device. I will describe the two methods of installing this app so observe carefully.

iMessage on your windows PC

Method 1: Download and Install iMessage for Your PC With the Emulators

iMessage is specially designed for iOS devices but you can install it on your PC with the help of iOS emulators. So follow these simple steps to download iMessage to your PC.

  • Initially, you have to download the iPadian app on your window device.
  • iPadian is an iOS emulator and if you want to install any iOS app in your non-apple device then you have to install it first.

iMessage for PC ,iPadian, iMessage

  • After finishing the downloading process you just have to double click on the file and then install.
  • You will get some instructions and follow them carefully then click next.
  • In the end, by clicking the finish button iPadian would install in your device.
  • Now you will see the iPadian icon on your screen and click on it for launching it.
  • Now you will notice a search bar and finally, type the iMessage in it and wait for a few minutes.
  • When you will get the iMessage app then click on the download button and then install. The installation process can consume a few minutes so you have to wait.
  • Finally, iMessage is ready to enjoy it on your PC to send messages, pictures, videos to your close ones.

Method 2: Download iMessage in Your PC With the Help of Chrome Remote Desktop

Above way of downloading is the well known and famous method but you can also install this app with chrome remote desktop. For applying this method you have required a MAC OS on your window device. In this way, you have to take the help of remote access to your MAC.

Chrome remote desktop permits you to ingress your PC to other computers through the browser. You can reach to all of your files securely with its help.

  • Initial noticeable thing is that you need a MAC with iMessage and a window device if any of them is absent then you can’t apply this method.
  • Then you will download chrome on both devices.
  • In the next step, you have to download and install the chrome remote desktop on both devices.

iMessage for PC

  • After finishing the installation process you just need to click on launch button for launching the addon.
  • Now its time to download chrome remote desktop host installer on your iOS device.

iMessage for PC

  • You will get some instruction to amalgamate your MAC with your window device with the help of chrome remote control.
  • Now it will produce a code and you will use this code on all the two devices for bridging remotely. After stuffing the code your computer will connect automatically.

random generated code, iMessage for PC

  • Now you have the ingress of your iOS device to your window device and like this, you can easily use iMessage on PC.

imassage on windows, iMessage for PC

Tips to Set up and Use iMessage on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

As you all know that iMessage is a messaging app and it is inbuilt in all the devices from version 5 onward. The main requirement for this app is that you should have the iOS 5 genre. If you don’t have this then you can upgrade from iTunes. If you didn’t formalize iMessage then by following these steps you can do so:

  • Initially, you have to download the latest genre of iOS.
  • Now you have to tap on settings and then on messages.
  • Here you would see an on/off switch and you will flip it to the on position.
  • Then iMessage will try to drag your phone number or Apple ID.
  • If you are going to set up it in your iPod or iPad then you need to enter your Apple ID manually.
  • In case if you don’t have Apple Id so you have to tap on Create New Account to generate.
  • Finally, you can send messages through iMessage.

How You Can Use iMessage

After setting up of iMessage in your iPhone the first question which would occur in your mind is that how to use iMessage. You have to just hit the green message icon. iMessage is a smooth app among all the messages app and functions automatically.

iMessage Review

I am a technology freak and also want to adopt all the upgrades which can make me up to date. A few days ago I went to buy a smartphone and I shuffled all the latest models. This time I moved to the latest versions of Apple. Actually, one most lacking thing in android devices is iMessage. So finally I chose the device which is featured with iMessage. I found really interesting features through this app. Here is a brief description of these features

Wonderful Bubbles and Screen Effects

You will enjoy a different kind of bubbles on the screen of your device like the slam, gentle or loud. It can turn the screen of your phone to balloons, fireworks, and stars etc.

Emoji and Tapbacks

Emojis are the most important part of our text as they make our message more impressive and iMessage offers you the big, smiley and exciting thumbs up emojis. With these eye-catching emotions, you can appeal someone you want to do.

Digital Touch and Handwriting

iMessage permits you to convey a hand drawn sketch, tactual taps and sensor-read heartbeats and all these forms are the part of digital touch. You can easily enjoy all these communication features on your iPhone, iPads. All these features take your messages to the next level.

Send Messages on iPhone or iPad

iMessage allows you to send the message to anyone over wi-fi or mobile data and each person who are using iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, MAC Apple watch, and iPads etc. You can convey images, video, audio, and location and also able to send standard SMS/MMS to any phone. iMessage also gives the facility to forward the messages to multiple contacts.

Sharing of Location and Contacts With iMessage

iMessage is a premium messaging app which enables you to send contact cards, voice memos, locations and much more. So collect the information you want to send and iMessage will send it smoothly.

Send Fast Reply With iMessage

Do you remember the tough time when you had to struggle slow and regularized tap for replying? But things have improved nowadays and its become easy to send the quick reply. iMessage allows you to send voice clips, images, and locations fastly.

iMessage Groups

Its really boring to send a message to a single person now you can convey text, images, location and sound clips to groups through iMessage. It also allows you to mute a particular contact which is bothering you. You can also figure out a specific thread for a quick response.

Deleting, Blocking and Report Spam in iMessage

As you all know that once you send an SMS, MMS or iMessage then you can’t delete it from their device so be wise at the time of sending messages. But you can delete all the record on your iPhone, iPad etc. There are some unnecessary videos and pictures and some annoying messages which you want to wipe off permanently then you can delete them with messages app.

If someone is sending you messages on regular basis and you don’t like it then you can report, block or mute that one. All the facility are here.

Use iMessage With Siri

Siri is the virtual helper of helper and you can amalgamate it with your iPad or iPhone for sending a message or reading messages. You can do so with the help of voice commands and can also use gestures to built into messages.

Well…iMessage is a specific app for iOS users and above description will definitely guide you to install and use this amazing app. I tried my best to pay attention to each and every important feature and if you find something missing, then comment below. Also, share your experience if you have ever used this app.







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