How To Watch Live TV With HideMyAss


HideMyAss gives top features and provides you a secure connection where you can watch online tv without any doubt. You can easily access sites like Live NetTV APK and many more and can get the utmost benefits. There are many top features you can get in HideMyAss and here we have provided the top ones,

HideMyAss Top Features

  1. Speed Guide Feature

HideMyAss has many top notch features and speed guide is one of the top features that is offered by HideMyAss. The HideMyAss offers a lot of good VPN servers, the problem is that how you can easily make sure that you are using the best and fastest ones? Just use the feature of exotic speed guide that actually makes you find the best and fastest server of VPN to make your connection easy and fast. It greatly tests the downloads and uploads the speeds and as well as the response times of the VPN server and it also shows that you have an available list of the fastest available servers.

Each and every time when you connect to the different network, just simply switch to the new ISP or just move to the new area where you should easily run the speed guide to simply test the every new connection on the web. If you always want to connect to the quickest and fastest VPN server all you have to do is just run the speed guide perfectly and periodically. Whenever using the speed guide always select the full test for a good and better accuracy.

  1. Easily Schedule an IP Address Change

Simply and periodically changing the IP address will perfectly boost the anonymity of the user. You can also do and can achieve it by just using the schedule IP address change feature of the HMA! VPN. This is one of the best features that directly changes your Internet Protocol address to a good new random Internet Protocol address at a good set of the interval, it mainly happens in every 45 minutes. In addition, to this, during the Internet Protocol change, it will be also momentarily disconnected from all the VPN servers, which can easily expose your real Internet Protocol location. To avoid this risk all you have to do is to just select the secure IP blind feature.

  1. Secure IP Blind

If  by mistake you have leaved your client of BitTorrent running through the whole night and if you VPN service disconnects, then it will easily show your real Internet Protocol address, and anyone can see your IP address because it will be visible then. The HideMyAss secure IP Blind feature easily stop this from by simply forbidding a quick application by connecting to the web wherever you VPN is inactive. In addition, to this, any application that is running under the safe IP bind then rules can only be connected through the VPN service, that perfectly protects your real Internet Protocol address from the accidental exposures and as well as also ensures you the anonymity. It is quite important to perfectly aware that the secure Internet Protocol bind feature only and as well as also currently works on the windows. If you are using the Max then you have to configure the firewall to gain the utmost result.

  1. Easy Server Selection

The HideMyAss perfectly groups its VPN servers by the protocol types, upload/download speeds, geographic locations so that’s why it is quite easy to find the server that perfectly meets the user requirements. If you want to connect to the fast VPN server then you have to just select the one of the ten closest VPN servers that are based on the geographic distance. Whenever HideMyAss ads to any new VPN servers, actually then they will automatically added to the list in HMA. That is why surfing internet and watching live TV on sites like TVTAP will be really great and wonderful. In addition, to this, you can also easily add your best and preferred VPN to your one of the favorites list and after that you can perfectly set the HMA client setting to easily connect to all the servers that are saved in users favorites list.

  1. Load Balancing

Whenever you connect to the VPN server, you can easily share its all resources with almost all the other connected users, that’s why whenever a server is busy or may be heavily loaded then your connection speed will be decreased automatically. To achieve and guarantee the perfect and best gainable connection speed, all you have to do is just load the balancing feature of the HMA pro. The load balancing feature is one of the top features that automatically switches the user’s connection to the less busy server, which is based on users selected setting and as well as it also keeps you to get connected to the effective fast server in any given region.

Is The HideMyAss is Easy to Use?

Actually, using HideMyAss VPN services is as simple as we count 1,2 or 3. All you have to do first establishes your own VPN account and, after that download and install the software for your recommended device. And in the last step, you have to launch the client app and simply enter the account name and password that you have selected when you just opened the account and that’s it click on the connect. And you are now perfectly connected and can easily surf the internet anonymously. You don’t need any special or complicated knowledge of the network configuration. But in that case, you find it difficult just follow the easy steps of HideMyAss website and enjoy the service.

Works on Every Device

The HideMyAss VPN is one of the most compatible and best service providers. In addition, to this, it is compatible with each and every device, from your mobiles to computers, routers, game consoles and as well as even with the TV boxes. You can also use the subscription onto your two devices currently. To start the process first download the HideMyAss software for your recommended device or on which you want to run HideMyAss software. If you are using the PC, then you can easily grab the HMA.

If you want to use the perfect service of HMA in the smartphone or Tablet then you must select the mobile app. In addition, to this, if you want to use the  HideMyAss VPN in your TV box, in which the VPN functionality has been probably disabled, then you will have to just set up it on to the router. It doesn’t matter which device you are using because HideMyAss is compatible with each and every device and the installation guide is quite easy and simple.


HideMyAss is one of the best software and as well as most popular. HideMyAss also offers a money back guarantee for 30 days, which allows users to easily test their full one month service for free. And if compare to another VPN provider, then they only offer it for 8 to 10 days limited periodical time. HideMyAss is so much popular and you can easily grab a discounted deal at just $6.55/month, that is a little greater than the forty percent of their standard price which is $11.52/month.

If you are searching for a reliable, affordable and as well as a personal VPN with a timely support then you should and must use the HideMyAss software. HideMyAss is one of the best and easy to use software. The overall speed is excellent. In adition, to this, you can also find a exotic VPN service which will cost less than the HideMyAss, but the main problem is that it is quite typical to search a VPN service provider who offers more value than the HideMyAss.




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