How to Run a Sponsored Instagram Contest?

Sponsored Instagram Contest

Want to Have More Exposure For The Instagram Contest?

Did you Think to Partner With the Sponsor?                          

You need to look for and work out with sponsor for the Instagram contest. To find a right sponsor is easy, but only if you how and where to look for. following are simple 5 steps:    

1: Plan the Contest

Before starting the search for the sponsor, you are need of making some decisions regarding your contest on Instagram. You must think of factors such as: how can users participate in your contest? Do you wish that users create images for you and share them along with hashtags or utilize your profile URL as a landing link where they offer their main info? What reward will you offer? Will you provide a product prize or cash reward? How much contributions do you want from your sponsor?           

What are your aims? Do you aim to gather lead info via contest software or simply to engage users with posts and get new followers? It is preferred to aim for collecting lead info as it attracts sponsors.

What is your target audience?  If you wish for reaching the local audience, for instance, selecting other local business which can include to your reward would be great. If you aim for national audience, selecting bigger influencer as a sponsor would be better.

2: Research For Influencers and Related Businesses

  • You will be wanting to search for the finest sponsor for the contest. The best sponsor must: Have the members of the targeted audience; if they own audience which you didn’t be able of reaching yet
  • Contribute for the prize which will attract your audience that you are tending to engage.
  • Be a person that you wish of associating with; running your contest with sponsors is just like referring your customers to the businesses, thus you have to become happy for being tied with product and brand of sponsor
  • If you have local business, selecting a corresponding local business who audience gets overlapped with your business can work like a big move for both

So, the above mentioned list is what your business needs for doing sponsorship for the contest, however it is very important also to consider what can be done for the sponsors.

Think of what can make your offer more appealing for the potential sponsors. Is your audience segmented which they would like of accessing? Will your generated leads would provide benefit to your sponsors as they will gain access? Will it be good for you to have strong PR? Think of all such questions and be sure that your sponsor of contest gets benefit also.

3: Reach Out for Potential Sponsors

After putting together, a several names of the potential sponsors for the Instagram contest, time will come to reach them out. Try to contact their businesses on the social media, however you can have your better luck when you email these potential directly. As you do this, be clear regarding what your contest is about Instagram reseller panel, how can it benefit your sponsors and what can they hope as they contribute. Reach out for just one potential sponsor at one time so that you never end up with having two or more brands competing with each other for sponsoring your contest. If this occurs, you will end up with burning at least single bridge.

4: Hammer Out Details of Your Partners

After you have sponsored on the board, you are needed to hammer out details of your partners. You have to agree for following things:   

  •         What will be contributed by whom
  •         What you require from your sponsors particularly
  •         What are benefits which your sponsors will provide you in return

What will be the dates for your contest? When will you need to get their contributions? When will they get compensation for their contributions?

Make sure that your partners and you are on same page as it will help you to move forward efficiently and smoothly.

5: Run the Contest

After you have gotten your sponsor for your contest on Instagram, you only need to run it. Along with following each policies and rules of Instagram for contest, there are some other things to keep in your mind while working with your sponsors on stellaris guide. Never ask your users for tagging themselves or other friends in comment or image, as it is against contest rules of Instagram, even though this is a very common occurrence. On their own, users can easily tag, but never ask them for doing so.

Consider of using a contest software so that you get real lead info instead of only engagement. The software can also make it easy to perform exporting of the lead info and, if it becomes a part of your arrangement, do share this with your sponsors.


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