God of War 5 releasing next year? Find out the details.

god of war 5
god of war 5

Are you waiting for God of War 5 to release? Well, don’t expect it release anytime sooner. Earlier I expected Sony to release the teaser or trailer of God of War 5 at E3 2019.

But that didn’t happen as they backed out of the event at the last minute. So, what’s next? When will the game release?

Well, you can get all your answers from this post as I’ve answered most asked questions, including the possible storyline for God of War 5.

God of War 5 Release Date

Whoever wanna play God of War 5, have any idea regarding its release date? I know most of you will nod with a no.

Why so? Well, in reality, even the publishers of God of War, Sony haven’t revealed it. However, there’s one thing that they’ve told….any guesses? It’s nothing but the time frame of the 5th edition of God of War video game. As per sources, Sony might introduce God of War 5 after mid-2021 or at E3 2021. Don’t get too much excited; there’s a catch.

It is about Sony. I’m talking here. You can’t expect to get anything from them quickly. Besides, God of War 5 is a next-gen game. So, you can expect this game to release exclusively for PlayStation 5, which is yet to release officially.

When asked about the release date of GOF 2, the director of the earlier editions of the game had something else to say.

Wanna know?

Well, according to him, creating a next-gen game requires a lot of hard work. Moreover, overhauling the gaming engine for a new platform is a quite time-consuming task.

Sad, isn’t it.

But never say never. In fact, Sony is all set to force Sony Santa Monica to release God of Far 5 for the upcoming gaming platform PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 5 pro.

God of War 5 Trailer

No, there isn’t any trailer of God of War 5 yet. Earlier, I expected Sony to drop the trailer or some kind of a teaser at E3 2019 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). However, right before the event, Sony decided to skip the event.

That Was bold, right? Yeah! It was. But what about the fans who wanted to get a glimpse of the upcoming.

Don’t get sad. As I told you about the possible release date, you can expect Sony to reveal the trailer somewhere in mid-2020.

I know it’s predictable, right? But realizing the past operating behavior of Sony & Sony Santa Monica, anyone can speculate what’ll happen next.

Meanwhile, I’m here for you to provide the latest announcement related to the game.

God of War 5 official Tease

You won’t believe it when I say Sony Santa Monica officially teased the game.

Sound’s unbelievable, right? In fact, even I didn’t believe it, but it’s true. Wanna know where they teased about the upcoming game.

Well, it’s none other the PS4 edition of God of War video game.

Have you played it before? If you did, then you might already be aware that Sony Santa Monica recently released a new theme exclusively for PS4. If you don’t know about it, then let’s play guessing games. Can you make any guess about the teaser?

Think hard…..

Well, if you guys speculated it to be about Ragnarök, well, then let me tell you, you’re absolutely correct.

So, yeah! All the rumors on Reddit or any other social media platform are absolutely accurate.

“Ragnarök is Coming”

I will discuss about this in the next section. However, for now, let’s continue to talk about the latest God of War tease by Sony Santa Monica.

The interesting thing to note about the tease mentioned above is that it happened on the 1st anniversary of God of War video game.

Now, coming back to the theme, it’s background features none other than our god of war, Kratos.

This was expected. Besides, who else would there be? In the theme background, Kratos is on a boat along with his son, Atreus.

On the sides of the boat, there are small Nordic ruins etched. I know this information is not that important for you, but why miss out on all these minor things as they can help you out in looking at the hint.

Now, try to fiddle the image a bit & here you can see the markings revealing “Ragnarök is Coming.”

So, after looking at the reveal, you can expect the God of War 5 to revolve around the end. If I believe the ending of God of War PS4 edition, then I think Thor might be the big evil villain in the God of War 5.

In case you don’t know, the upcoming god of war video game will be 2nd in the recently rebooted series. So, once Kratos is defeated in GOW 5, he’ll move on to have a fight with Odin in God of war 6.

Ragnarök is Coming

Ragnarök is Coming
Ragnarök is Coming

As promised earlier, here I’m to discuss the arrival of Ragnarok. You won’t believe, Cory Barlog, the gaming director of God of War, teased the upcoming game via his twitter account.

However, the weird thing he is that he tweeted this way back in April & no one was able to understand what their tweets were all about. But recently, it was realized that the first letter of each tweet by Cory summed up to spell “Ragnarok is Coming.”

Yeah! Yeah! I know, that’s the same message hidden in the theme of God of War PS4 edition.

To summarize what it could mean, Ragnarok is the end of times in the Norse Mythology, and if you played God of War 4, you know by now that Kratos and Atreus triggered the apocalypse.

So, what does it mean?

Will this be the end? No, not at all. In fact, the recently released God of War video game is a trilogy & it won’t be over until the release of God of War 6. After the 6th part, it’ll be interesting to see where the story of Kratos will go.

Will it be the end of the story of Kratos, or he’ll move on to some other mythology?

What do you think?

Do let me know your points of view in the comments section given below. It’ll be interesting to see what your opinions are about the future of this game.

God of War 5 plot & spoilers

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

I won’t mind if you would want to skip this part as I reveal possible story spoilers for God of War PS4. If you haven’t played the game yet, you can straight away jump to the next section of this post.

Although, there’s still quite a lot of time in the release of GOW 5. But this can’t stop us from discussing what the future holds for Kratos. So, let’s proceed:

In the Ps4 edition of GOW, Kratos finally killed Freya’s son Baldur.

Surprise! Surprise!

Who would have thought this? I didn’t, what about you? In fact, after killing Baldur, Kratos took his son Atreus to Jotunheim.

Wondering why?

Well, the only reason behind this was, he wanted to sprinkle the ashes of his wife. Later they get another surprise as they discover Faye (Kratos’s wife) was actually a giant Laufey.

So, after this revelation, their son Atreus became half god & half-giant. At the end of the game, he had another name Loki. It’s crazy, right? After this build-up, here are some of the possible theories that can come to true at the end of the trilogy. Let’s figure out these theories one by one-

Is Baldur dead? 

Baldur dead
Baldur dead

Is Baldur really dead? If you really think that somehow, he didn’t die.

Well, stop right there. Let me correct you. He is indeed dead. In fact, you can hear his mother Freya promising to get her revenge on Kratos.

Wanna know what she might do to exact her revenge. Well, as per the original Norse Legends, when Kratos killed Baldur by snapping his neck, Freya went to the underworld & their she struck a deal with Hel to release her son.

However, there was a catch. Freya will only get her son back when everything that is alive, or dead started to weep for him.

Soon, Baldur was all set to return as everything shed a tear for him. But he wasn’t able to return as a giantess called Þökk, didn’t cried for him.

Who is this giant Þökk? If that’s what you’re thinking, let me reveal to you his real identity. You’ll get shocked. I guarantee this.

Well, many believed that it was none other than Loki. Yeah, the son of Kratos. So, the condition was not met & Baldur was kept in the underworld until after Ragnarök.

While all that happened in Norse Legends, it’s unlikely that the same will happen in the God of War 5. But one thing that is certain, can you guess it? Well, it’s Freya, she’ll do everything in her power to exact her revenge on Kratos.

So, if you’re excited to play God of War 5, get ready to be a bit more as you’ll witness revenge of the lifetime.

Atreus destined to kill Kratos?

atreus kills kratos
atreus kills kratos

That’s not possible, right? Atreus killing his father, Kratos. I wouldn’t believe this ever. However, it God of War gaming series I’m talking here.

It’s a prevalent theme in the game. I know it’s sad, but this might be true as there’s a side mission that involves bandit getting backstabbed by his own child. This is the only mission on which Atreus really fixates.

He believes how anyone can do this deed. Later in the God of War PS4, you can see Kratos admitting to him killing his own father, Zeus.

Later in the Jotunheim, you could clearly see Atreus bending over Kratos. All this appears to link somehow.

What was Atreus doing?

Was he helping his father by healing him or taking him somewhere? These are some of the questions that will not reveal until the God of War 5.

Are we going to witness Ragnarok?

As the Ps4 edition of God of War came to an end, it was revealed to us that Fimbulwinter will come.

Now, what the hell is Fimbulwinter? Well, in case you don’t know, Fimbulwinter is some part of the 3-year great winter that takes after Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse.

Now, let me take you to the end credits scene. Yeah! There’s second ending in the game.

When the initial credits rolled out, something unbelievable happens. Can you guess it? It was nothing but a tease revealing Thor appears ‘several years later.’

Although it was brief at the end of it, Kratos asks him what he wants.

Furthermore, after finishing the game, you might see some fresh snow and ice. Well, that’s Fimbulwinter. I believe in the god of war 5; Thor will not return to get his revenge from Kratos for killing his son. He might be returning to prevent the end of everything by stopping Ragnarok.

What do you think? Do let me know your views in the comments section given below.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I hope this post answered most of your questions. I know the post is a bit long, but that’s necessary to clear all the doubts that you might have in your mind. However, if you still have any other questions related to the upcoming game, then do let me know via the comments section, as I’ll try my best to answer all your queries.

Meanwhile, all we can do is wait for Sony to release the game officially. Besides, till then kept on playing the earlier versions of God of War video games & stay tuned to this post for further updates related to the game.


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