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ico converter tool

Digital tools make life easy for people. The ico converter tool also has a purpose and it is used to generate favicons. What are favicons and which purposes are they generated for? Let us go through the definition of a favicon. When you browse the internet, you would notice that some websites have an image on the browser tab. This image is mostly the logo of the company. The purpose of a favicon is to create a branding existence of the company. For most people, remembering a brand becomes easier when they view its logo or registered image on a regular basis. A favicon appears on the browser tab for as long as the website is opened. Thus, customers remember it in an easy manner. These days, most brands use favicons to get the attention of potential buyers.

ico converter tool

How is a favicon generated?

A simple process is used to generate favicons. Using the prepostseo ICO converter, you can produce a favicon from an image file. ICO converters support major image formats including PNG and JPG.

  • When you open the link of the ICO tool, simply select the image which has to be used for creating a favicon. Once the image is uploaded, the favicon would be created. The favicon has to be saved to the root directory of the website.

Favicons improve brand conversions

Every online brand focuses on getting more conversions. When the conversion rate increases, the revenue volumes increase as well. When you talk about branding, it is all about enhancing the popularity level of the brand. The sales volumes of a brand do not increase if it is not popular. In addition to that, through effective branding techniques, the popularity level can be improved.

  • Favicons make a browser tab more related to the brand. If you have a look at most browser tabs, they look very similar as they do not have company-specific images. Hence, when you have a look at all of them, it would be hard to differentiate between them on the basis of the website. We can go through an example to gain more clarity. Consider that you have opened four websites in four individual tabs and none of them has a favicon. To shift between websites, you would have to click the tabs as no favicon would be present. Thus, it would be hard for you to recognize the website. Hence, when a website has a favicon, the customer uses it to identify the corresponding browser tab. This also assists the user in switching between tabs.

Selection of correct image matters

There is no point in having a favicon if people are unable to view it clearly. This happens when you have selected an image with a complex design. A favicon is not the same as a full-scale company logo. It has very small dimensions and the only purpose is to create an identity of the brand. If the favicon has a complex design, people fail to recognize it and the purpose is completely spoilt.

  • A favicon image should be simple so that the related customers are able to remember it. Images which have complex layout designs are not easy to remember. Thus, you should make sure that the selected favicon image has a simple appearance.
  • Background text complicates the appearance of the image so it should not be present. No one would make the effort to read the background text in a favicon. The only purpose of a favicon is brand recognition. It is only used as a branding alternative to promote the brand.
  • The background colour of the favicon image should not be the same as the tab of the browser. If this is the case, the image would seem a part of the browser tab. This obviously is not a good practice and ruins the overall branding strategy. In addition to that, sharp background colors should be avoided for favicons.

ICO Converter tools are easy to use

ICO converter tools are simple to use. Even people who are not tech savvy can use them without any problem. You can get the converted ICO file by completing a few simple steps. To start with, you have to browse and get the required source file. This is basically the image file that has to be used to create the favicon. You need to select an appropriate image file and then proceed to the conversion step. As it has been mentioned above, you need to be careful while selecting the favicon image. Make sure that it is simple and does not have a lot of text.

Installations are not needed

A lot of tools available on the internet require lengthy installations. You need to download heavy applications to use them. Along with them, they only allow free usage for a limited span of time. When the trial version has expired, you would have to make payments to continue usage.

  • The best thing about ICO converter tools is that they are online and can be used without any installations. You do not need to have appropriate system memory to use them and only a valid internet connection is needed. Downloading application is a big problem for users and they prefer tools which can be used online. ICO converter tools can be used online without completing any installations.
  • Most ICO converter tools are free and users do not have to make any payments to use them. The free usage is for an unlimited period of time. This simply means that the user does not have to go through the trouble of trial versions.

Concluding it up

Business branding is absolutely essential if you want your brand to grow and customers to increase. Improving the conversion rate is not possible if people do not know about your brand. The use of a favicon helps in improving brand image and strengthens its presence in the mind of the buyer. This is when the buyer starts preferring it over other brands. Using a favicon is a part of the overall branding strategy these days.


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