[Fixed] Discord Black Screen Issue While Screen Sharing

Discord has gotten one of the prime video streaming and texting stages on the planet, so stay tuned to fix discord black screen error...

Discord Black Screen Issue While Screen Sharing

Discord Black Screen error – In a moderately small period of time, Discord has gotten one of the prime video streaming and texting stages on the planet. At the point when it was released in 2015, Discord was facing the greatest and baddest on the lookout, any similarity of Skype and TeamSpeak. 

In any case, because of its dependability and smooth UI, Discord had the option to create high traffic and acclaim from the earliest starting point. The organizer of Discord, Jason Citron adopted the advanced strategy and comprehended client needs on a much deeper level, empowering him to offer substantially more than the current products in the market.

With the quantity of monthly active customers developing quickly, Discord presented the video calling and screen sharing highlights in 2017. This joined with the development of esports, Discord has been developing from that point forward. 

In any case, a few clients have begun complaining about an issue where this feature quits working oddly enough and stuck out on a dark screen. This will not occur frequently, however, there might be when something turns out badly and Discord shows a dark screen when you’re streaming from the application. 

Normal reasons for this issue are graphics driver update issues, issues with inappropriate Discord settings, or issues with late updates. However, don’t stress. On this page, we’ll take you through a progression of investigating steps to help you settle it. Firstly, find out the reason behind this error.

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What Causes Discord Screen Share Black Screen Error?

Discord Black Screen Issue While Screen Sharing

I went through numerous customers reports to get a handle on every one of the potential reasons for the issue. After seeing, I discovered that the following reasons regularly bring about the said issue:

Different Permissions: 

For reasons unknown, quite possibly the most well-known reasons for the issue turns out to be inadequate permission. This happens when the program you are attempting to impart to your friend, be it a game or whatever else, and the Discord application has differentiating authorizations. 

This means both of the projects (the application that you are attempting to share or discord) is run utilizing administrator advantages while the other isn’t. This change frequently causes the said issue.

Fullscreen Mode:

Another reason for the problem is the fullscreen feature. On the off chance that you are running the application(the one that you are attempting to share) in fullscreen mode, the screen share mode won’t work. Accordingly, you should manage with the borderless or fullscreen windowed feature.

Utilizing Latest Technologies Feature:

Now and again, the issue can arise because of your Discord Voice and Video settings. In the event that you are utilizing the ‘use our most recent technology for screen sharing‘ choice, at that point that could be the base of the issue too.

Now, I hope you have recognised the reason behind the Discord Screen Share Black Screen Error. Now, we should head towards the fix this issue.

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Ways to Fix Discord Screen Share Black Screen Issue

Discord Black Screen Issue While Screen Sharing

Method 1: Update Your Graphics Driver

On the off chance that you have not renewed the graphics drivers on your PC in quite a while, you may be having other screen-related issues also. Allow us rapidly to check if broken drivers are the underlying driver of your difficulties. Here is the manner by which you update your drivers:

  • The primary step is to drift the pointer to the Windows icon at the left corner, right-click and select Device Manager.
  • Now, Scroll down the window and select the Display Adapter option.
  • Now, you’ll see all the drivers of GPU installed on your system.
  • Individually, select every driver, right-click and pick Update Driver.
  • In the next step, you have to select  Search Automatically after which the PC will automatically start searching for the available updates and automatically download the updates and install them.

Method 2: Update the Discord

Discord launches frequent updates to fix bugs. It’s likely that a new update is keeping Discord from running effectively, and another update is expected to fix it. So you should check if there is any update possible.

Here is How you can  check for Discord update:

Step 1: Firstly, Press Window + R keys at the same time to start the Run Dialog box.

Step 2: Now, type %localappdata%  and press Ok to move further.

Step 3: Now, a new window will open where you have to look for the Discord folder and open it.

Step 4: Now click on Update.exe and wait till the update process completed.

Now, your Discord is updated. To check your issue reopen Discord and check for your issue.

I am hoping that your issue will be solved, if not try out other methods.

Method 3: Turn On/Off Hardware Acceleration

Commonly, when you open an application, it utilizes the standard CPU on your PC. In the event that you run a large project, for example, screen sharing, to work adequately, your application will utilize other equipment parts on your PC. 

On the off chance that you have great hardware, empowering Hardware Acceleration will bring about better execution of your application; still, if your equipment is powerless, this element may mess up you.

Here is how you can turn on/off the Hardware Acceleration:

Step1: Open Discord and Go to settings.

Step 2: Open the Appearance tab, If Hardware Accelarion is on then turn it off, or vice versa.

Step 3: Now, click on Ok to save the changes.=

Now, Open Discor again to see if the issue is resolved.

If not, try out the next solution.

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Method 4: Clear Discord Cache

Discord won’t work as expected and cause issues because of Inaccurate account settings and wrong Discord documents. Clear Discord Roaming information and check whether that tackles the centre issue, Here is the means by which you can do it:

Step 1) Exit Discord App.

Step 2) Press and hold the Windows logo key and R at the same time till the Run Box shows up.

Step 3) Enter the order %appdata% in the Run box and tap OK.

Step 4) Right-click Discord, and click on Delete.

Step 5) Restart Discord and check if the issue has been stopped.

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Final Words

Here are the awesome basic strategies to attempt if the Discord Screen becomes dark when screen sharing. You don’t really need to attempt every one of the four stages, simply the one which takes care of the issue and is the most helpful for you. Discord dark screen issue is a significant basic issue, you needn’t bother with the help of a professional to take care of this issue. The large majority of people use to above fixes and address the actual issue.

Tell us in the comment segment below in the event that you need any further assistance in regards to the issue.


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