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video games

When it comes to video games, people always lean towards the protagonist. They are, of course, the one who controls them in the game. Whether they’re male or female, animal or robot, alien, or whatever, we admire them because of their qualities.

You might like a hero or heroine because of their values. Who doesn’t love a righteous avenger, thwarting evil as they come? Or maybe you like them because of the way they talk. You may like them for whatever reason, but most of us have to agree: We like our heroes and heroines to be stylish.

There’s always an extra emphasis on the style of the protagonist in video games. Most of the time, we even recall the protagonist’s clothes more than their faces. Still, don’t believe that style and clothing doesn’t make the hero or heroine? Here are some stylish video game icons that’ll knock your socks off:

Dante – Devil May Cry Series

We told you this list is full of icons. Here’s our first icon, Dante. He’s the protagonist of the Devil May Cry series, an action-adventure game that focuses on hack and slash tactics. In the game, Dante’s goal is to avenge the death of his mother by killing demons. If you think his backstory and objectives are cool, you should look at his style.

Dante is the master of layering. Dante’s most iconic piece of clothing is his red leather trench coat. Top it off with black jeans and leather boots; you would think Dante is a mix between a fashionista and a demon hunter. Who would’ve guessed that there’s a stylish way to hack and slash evil demons.

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil 3

There are lots of sexy video game heroines out there, but Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3 is a cut above the rest. Jill is the protagonist of Resident Evil 3, a horror survival game. In the game, you control Jill as she uncovers secrets and makes her way to safety from hordes of zombies, zombie Dobermans, genetic freaks, and one of the scariest bosses in the horror games genre, Nemesis.

Although this isn’t Jill Valentine’s first appearance in the game series, Resident Evil 3 is where she shines brightest. Not only is she likable, but her sense of style and fashion are also to die for. Wearing a simple blue tube, a black skirt, leather boots, and a white jacket tied around her hips, Jill Valentine is slaying not just zombies, but her outfit as well.

James Bond – 007 Video Game Series

We all know how stylish James Bond is in the novel and the books, but his looks in the video games are also excellent. With massive improvements in gaming systems, it’s hard not to notice the style of good old’ 007. Ian Flemming is the creator of James Bond, and he’s especially fond of intricate details about his protagonist.

This fondness is the reason why he stylishly portrays James Bond. Even in video games, James Bond’s accessories are highlighted. Since 1995, James Bond has been wearing an Omega Seamaster. It only makes sense that such an icon would wear one of the most iconic watches ever made.

Honorable Mentions:

Aya BreaParasite Eve Series

Squall LeonheartFinal Fantasy VIII

Noctis Lucis Caelum and almost every major character in Final Fantasy XV

Nathan DrakeUncharted Series

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Series

John MarstonRed Dead Redemption Series


When it comes to video game characters, people often lean towards the protagonists. Heroes and heroines come in all appearances and backgrounds. One might be a demon hunter bent on revenge, one could be a police officer, or one can be a dashing double agent. Whatever they are, gamers will immediately notice their clothing and style.

The characters mentioned above are one of the most iconic video game protagonists. Aside from having interesting backgrounds and motives, they also look fantastic.


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