British government expectant of Israel attack on Iran within 8 weeks 


British government officials at the highest level are convinced that Israel is going to be forced to launch a military attack within 8 weeks directed at Iran’s nuclear sites. These governmental sources have stated that it is understood Israel’s aim is to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and that they will be receiving logistical support from the United States of America.

It was said that government ministers had been informed of the possibility of an Israeli attack on Iran in aim of preventing it acquiring nuclear weapons, and that this could come sooner rather than later. The British government is expecting this attack to take place by Christmas or possibly very early in the new year.

On Tuesday, William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, announced that a report released by the INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY had completely discredited Iran’s contentions that the nuclear facilities, they are developing is only for energy and peaceful purposes. The report from IAEA came to a conclusion that Iran is definitely developing the components that are required in building nuclear weapons.

Over 35 member states of the IAEA Board of Governors, were given the report, which went on to detail a series of tests, the acquiring of technology and materials which would suggest that Iran has been continuously working hard to produce a nuclear weapon since back in 2003.
Iran has a history of keeping in the dark sensitive nuclear activity from the IAEA as well is limiting them in ongoing restrictions in terms of access to sites and information. Furthermore Iran has refused to suspend enrichment, this itself can provide fuel for atom bombs. Because of this Iran has been hit by UN sanctions.

It is believed that the UK will back increased economic sanctions affecting Iran when they are present in a upcoming meeting of the IAEA committee.



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