Best Portable Wireless Routers for Travelling

Portable Wireless Router
Portable Wireless Router

With today’s fast-paced society, almost all of us are busy and on the move. For those who are always on the move and traveling, staying connected to the internet, 24/7 can be quite tricky. 

Especially since there likely won’t be any Wi-Fi connection everywhere you go. This is where portable wireless routers come into play. 

These compact devices are designed to fit inside your pocket and are the best solution when it comes to continuous internet connectivity outdoors. If your work requires internet connection, having a portable wireless router will eliminate any downtime when your somewhere without any Wi-Fi.

Personally, a portable wireless router is indispensable for people like me who work online. This is why investing in quality and a reliable mobile router is mandatory. 

With that in mind, I’ve listed down some of the best portable wireless routers for traveling down below. But before we head onto that list, I’d first like to discuss some of the vital factors to consider when looking for a portable router. 

Choosing the Right Portable Wireless Router

When it comes to picking the best portable wireless router, you will need to apply the same rules as you would when picking a standard router. Of course, there will be some specific aspects that you will need to add to that checklist, which we will be pointing out one by one below. 

Network Capability

As you would expect, a portable Wi-Fi router won’t be able to match up against a standard home router in terms of its capabilities. 

But that is not the reason why we are getting a portable router. In terms of design, the market standard for a mobile router incorporates the same one as an AC750 router. This is because mini routers are designed to be as compact as possible, which equates to limited interior antennas installed. 

That being said, a 300Mbps connection is more than enough in most cases when it comes to a portable router. Additional features that you must consider when buying a mobile router also includes the ability to create a private VPN. 

You should also find a portable router with fast USB connections and one that uses a relatively current USB version. Keep in mind that the more features a mobile router have, the more expensive it will get. So, focus on the features that are essential for you.


The bandwidth is the frequency of the router, which dictates the quality of its wireless network. The standard bandwidth you should look for is 2.4GHz as this will provide excellent performance. “b” and “g” generation routers use this bandwidth standard. The downside with this type of router is that internet connectivity is susceptible to interference from other routers in your vicinity.

If that is something you want to avoid, look for a mini router that is from the “n” and “ac” generation. Not only are these routers capable of providing an extremely high-speed internet connection, but they can also prevent signal interruption better. Thus, providing users with continuous, uninterrupted internet connectivity. 

Security Features

All routers will have a security feature built-in; this will help protect your network from cyber-attacks which is crucial. Portable routers will also have security protocols installed. 

Most mini routers will use WEP or WPA/WPA2 security features. Some of the newer models might even offer users with additional internal security protocols. Such as the ability to give specific devices access to your network or simply blocking them.

Keep in mind that the security protocols utilized in most portable Wi-Fi routers are not on the same level as standard home routers. It is always best to check the level of security the mobile router can provide before making your purchase. 


Finally, we get to the primary element of a portable wireless router, its size. Most portable routers can easily fit inside your pockets. This is excellent for those who travel a lot. 

Convenience will be a significant factor when it comes to choosing a portable router. Having a router that you can easily tuck inside your pocket means you can just as easily access it anytime. 

You should also consider the battery life of your portable router. It should be able to last the duration of your ride to your destination and then some. 

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Best Portable Wireless Routers for Travelling

To help you narrow down your search, I’ve compiled two excellent portable wireless routers in the list below. I chose two mobile routers for two categories: best overall and best budget.

Best Premium Pick: Netgear Nighthawk M1

Netgear is one of the best companies that manufacture top-quality routers. It is no surprise that they also hold one of the best portable routers in the market. The Nighthawk M1 might be small, but it packs a wallop that can easily rival standard home routers. 

This little beast can support up to 20 devices at the same time and supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac networks. You can also use it as a mobile hotspot with a 4G LTE SIM card. It uses a 5040mAH battery which also delivers excellent battery life. 

While the price tag might you pause, this portable router will be a practical choice for those who move around a lot. If you regularly travel and require a reliable high-speed internet connection at all times, then the Nighthawk M1 is a smart long-term investment that you will not regret.

Best Budget Pick: RAVPower Filehub AC750

The RAVPower Filehub AC750 mini router comes packed with all the essential features you would ever need in a portable router. This is a dual-band router and can support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. The RAVPower Filehub AC750 also delivers around 433Mbps speeds which is considerably faster than what most mini routers in the market can provide. 

This mini router also comes with an SD card slot as well as a USB port. Not only can you transfer files with this portable wireless router, but you can also plug it to your laptop, smartphone, and even television.

This router allows for direct streaming of video and music files. The RAVPower Filehub AC750 is lightweight (7 ounces), and with a 6700mah battery, it will also last for hours before needing a recharge.


There are other robust portable wireless routers out there that you can choose. The two above are the best on both ends of the spectrum, cost-wise. Just remember the guide when shopping, and you will eventually land on the perfect portable wireless router that will suit both your needs and budget.


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