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We have observed a high-definition change in the education industry in the last couple of decades. Especially, the past few years have transformed the way we study and teach drastically. In the modern world, nothing is restricted to just one dimension and likewise, education has shape-shifted to suit mentors and mentees’ convenience while maintaining its sanctity.

Now that we have all become so well-versed with the internet, every piece of information in the world is accessible. One can be enrolled in a program at Harvard Law while being 5,000 miles away.

Online libraries and learning platforms have grown exponentially and during the coronavirus pandemic, these online services have aided students like nothing else. If you are a student or just a curious soul who loves to learn, you must have had the opportunity to come across platforms like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, etc. for online courses. While these online learning websites are doing the best work out there, they do charge for that, and rightly so.

However, students with budgetary restrictions do not need to lose hope just as yet. YouTube is a powerful medium for learning as well. There are hundreds of channels providing learning resources, at all times, for you to learn from. All you need to do is get a steady internet connection. If you are not sure about your current provider, check out Spectrum bundle deals and avail student discounts with the most affordable and on-point internet plans.

Why Is YouTube a Good Idea for learning?

Right off the bat, it is pertinent to understand that one can focus for just a limited amount of time. One famous study method, known as the 50/10 study session, implies that you should study for almost 50 minutes and afterward take a break for 10 minutes.

The thing that we like about numerous YouTube channels is that they guarantee that every exercise is quick and painless. This makes it simpler to remain engaged and focused without getting occupied or exhausted.

Another incredible thing about YouTube videos is that they engage the viewers while maintaining their concentration and interest in the topic. Most YouTube channels likewise have coordinated playlists. This implies that every exercise is provided in the right order of how you ought to become familiar with the subject.

At last, a few students just think that it is simpler to contemplate utilizing visual or sound strategies. YouTube videos give both visual and sound help, which makes them simpler and more motivating to gain knowledge from than reading material.

In this article, we have listed the best educational YouTube channels so you can get back on the learning track, just about now!

Ted Ed

Ted Ed, launched on March 2, 2011, is one of the best education YouTube channels. It covers a wide range of subjects including business, health studies, visual arts, and mathematics. All of its videos feature exquisite animations and lessons are taught in a way that makes learning fun and interesting.

Ted Ed fulfills its responsibility to educate its 13.3 million subscribers completely. The channel has a viewership of almost 2.3 billion.


Do you remember how we used to ask unusual questions as kids? It is now time to find out the answers to these questions. ‘What if the sun disappeared?’, ‘How Earth Moves’, ‘Is it okay to touch Mars?’, ‘Why are we morbidly curious?’, ‘Is all fair in love and war?’ are some of the questions that this channel has answered.

With more than 16.5 million subscribers and 2 billion views, this channel is set to explore the deities of this universe in the most researched manner. An interesting thing about this channel is that if you have a question stuck in your mind and want to get its answer, you can tweet the channel and they will dig up an answer for you.

Crash Course

Since May 20, 2006, Crash Course has been educating the masses about real-time subjects like world history, literature, psychology, organic chemistry, theatre, ecology, and biology. The videos are developed in a way that the viewers enjoy learning.

It has 12 million subscribers and almost 1.5 billion views, which transcends the quality learning opportunities it provides, on a weekly basis. The reason Crash Course is credited as one of the best history teachers is that it combines descriptive illustrations, humor, and historical footage, keeping viewers entertained, informed, and hooked to the video lessons.

Crash Course has recently collaborated with Arizona State University to offer courses on Study Hall Algebra and Study Hall Composition.


Started out on May 28, 2012, this science channel discusses scientific topics in the most laid-way, easy to understand, and simply interesting way. All of its lessons are developed in a way that you can take in maximum knowledge without feeling burdened. The narrators explain scientific theories and the illustrations help you figure out them with the utmost ease.

With 9.57 million subscribers and 1.4 billion viewership, AsapSCIENCE teaches about things you might not even have an idea about, for instance, ‘Why emotional tears are different’, ‘Why eyebrows are more important than eyeballs’, and which is the funniest joke in the world statistically’. Such are the topics that help develop your cognitive side of the brain as well.

C.G.P. Grey

Launched on August 13, 2010, C.G.P. Grey provides classes on subjects ranging from world history and politics to technology and philosophy. With almost 4.7 million subscribers and 636 million views, this YouTube channel has proved its worth time and again.

Whether you want to learn about machine learning and engineering around airplanes or would like to explore America’s loneliest road, this channel provides it all.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy was launched on November 17, 2006, as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to offer top-class education to the masses without any charges. The channel has offered tutoring in a wide range of subjects like computing, economics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, finance, history, and grammar.

Just like real life, every lesson is taught by a teacher explaining topics as finely as possible. It has 6.44 million subscribers and 1.8 billion views.

Furthermore, Khan Academy has started offering free SAT and LSAT practices as well. the material resources of the channel have been translated into more than 10 languages and are helping millions of people globally.


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