Beat the Heat With This Friendly Portable Air Conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner

The summer is back. It is back with its night which takes a toll on us. Yes, the moon sets in for some time, the hours of sleep one expects to be peaceful, calm and chilly end up being hot and sticky.

Tried the hand fan? How about the small electric fans? If you are still experiencing those raging nights of heat after doing this, go for another method.

How about something that averts all these troubles?

The ChillPad Cube

Effectively using modern technology has created an avenue for you to choose the temperature at which you want to sleep with. The chill pad mattress pad featuring an in-built temperature regulation system that provides both cooling and heating- pick your choice.

How does it work?

The pad is controlled by a central cube. This cube is connected by a network of silicone microtubules. The function of these tubes is for the circulation of hot or cold water which later arrives at the cube. The nephew of the creator of the water bed is the inventor of this air conditioner. Perhaps that’s where the idea of using water originated. This cube can be adjusted either manually or with the aid of a wireless remote. Temperatures for a specific time frame can also be set.

How do they come?

We live in a world where individuals have different taste. That’s why the manufacturers made this device in different sizes. They come in seven sizes- four of which are single-zone pad and the other three being dual-zone pads. Single zone pads have one cube unit and provide one temperature regulated surface. Single zone pads include: single, twin XL, full, and split California king. Dual-zone pads are perfect for couples -the reason being that they provide different temperature preferences. The dual-zone pads include Queen, king, and California king. If you have a partner who prefers a very cold night to a moderate one while you do not; getting a dual-zone pad would help resolve the conflict of interest. Previously, a twin-sized chillPad was available but due to low demand, its production was stopped. If you are completely at sea on which one of these is best for you, I recommend you check out ChillPad Cube review on

What temperatures do they bring along?

The cube is programmed in one-degree increments to reach temperatures anywhere from 55- 110 degree Fahrenheit (13-43 degree Celsius). However, certain factors such as bedroom temperature and the weight of the sleeper (user) might come into play thereby affecting the cube’s temperature delivery.

How much would it cost me?

There are no fixed prices due to the various sizes in the market. But, I can offer you approximate prices. If you intend getting a ChillPad to consider having between 500$-1200$. Although, you might get some promo prices, prepare for these amounts- just to be on the safer side. Additionally, customers may purchase replacement cube for 400$.

How should the cube be positioned?

Buying the cube both no knowing how to place is it is like having a gun but lacking knowledge on how to operate it. The cube should be placed on a flat surface with the water tank facing upward. Consider getting risers if you wish to place them beneath your beds- just for the sake of keeping the cube in place.

Get one and beat the heat!

You know what? It is expensive but worth it. With a chill pad cube, you got the temperature at which you sleep in your hands. You should, however, take note that this device is only a sleep aid and should be run only when the owners are in bed.


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