6 Tips Of Using GIFs On Instagram Stories


Tips For Using GIFs On Instagram Stories

Including GIFS in Instagram stories works very easily. As you click for adding sticker into your videos or photos of stories, you can a new option of adding GIFs and you will see a library filled with thousands of the moving stickers which are powered by the GIPHY. If you are searching for the ways of creating the GIF which is much creative, eye catching and engaging, use GIFs from Instagram stories.

Earlier in 2018, Instagram made a deal with GIPHY for building a high quality library of the GIFs for Instagram Stories And Buy Instagram custom comments. Currently, you can use expressive and funny GIF stickers to any video or photo of the story.

GIFs serve an excellent tool for the business of creating perfectly branded stories which delight your followers for sure.

So, are you ready for getting started? Following are 6 creative ways of using GIFs in Instagram Stories:

1: Use Stories GIFs on Instagram for Directing Attention of Your Followers

To use stories GIFs in Instagram can be an excellent method of grabbing attention of your audience and highlighting particular elements in the story. Also, you can include arrows and other symbols for helping to direct followers to next slides.

While most of the people try of speed-tapping their way across the Instagram stories, the viewers are more likely of stopping in the tracks as a moving and flashy sticker comes in the way of their sight.

2: Pin Your Stories GIFs on Instagram

Wish of adding a surprise factor into your stores? Pin your stories GIF on Instagram into a particular location on the video, thus they pop up only at particular moments. This will make the stories stand out while making them more interesting.

If you pin the stories GIF on Instagram videos, you become able to make sure that they will show around at a perfect time and help in keeping your audience engaged!

3: Resize and Reverse Stories GIFs Instagram for Creating Different Effects

To change the direction and size of the GIFs in your Instagram stories can be another great way of adding some creativity into your content. The size of your GIFs can be decreased and increased if you pinch or expand it using two fingers – same as you do for the regular stories and text in Instagram.

If the position of your GIF isn’t right, just click it in a reverse direction. By altering direction of the GIF, you can be sure that it gets fit well with video or image

.4: Use Stories GIFs on Instagram for Highlighting Your Text

To use stories GIFs in Buy 100k Followers on Instagram can be an excellent method of grabbing attention of your audience and highlighting particular elements in the story. For standing out your text, type in the keywords like “stars”, “highlight”, or “sparkle” in search bar of the Gifs for finding the GIFs which help you in highlighting your text.

For finding a more common phrase or work, the library of GIPHY has also got a wide range of text GIFs which you include in the stories. Well, it may need a little of searching, you have hundreds of various options to select from! Be sure to check out various keywords in the search for finding an exact thing which you are searching for.

5: Use GIFs for Making Your Images Lively

Add an animated element for bringing life to your images. While a GIF must not be taken away from the image, including moving elements in the story can be great for catching interest of your followers.

While including various Gifs in the Instagram stories has much fun and you will desire of making sure that you utilize them sparingly. Just include GIFs into the stories where they fit well and make sense of the content you want to share.

As the GIFs are like the moving stickers, including a lot of them can be confusing or distracting, and may result in exiting of your current followers as they get annoyed by a lot of stories.

6: Taking Selfies to a Next Level using GIFs on the Instagram Stories

Everyone loves an excellent selfie filter. Now you can create stories GIFs of your own for Instagram. Want to know how?

Hundreds of the animated props are offered on the GIPHY library like hats, moustaches, sunglasses, jewelry and a lot of others for helping you to add a fun into the selfies.

But, also you must be very clear that if you spam your followers with a lot of this kind of content, never be afraid of having some fun! The Instagram stories works like a great place for showing off the personality of yourself and also giving the audience the look from behind-the-scene, if you own a business account.


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