123movies vs Rainierland: Which One is Best?

123movies vs Rainierland: Which One is Best?
123movies vs Rainierland: Which One is Best?

Here comes the ultimate battle between two well known and extremely popular online video streaming websites. Yes, you read it correctly. Here I will compare two websites, one of them is well-reputed Rainierland and another one is 123movies. Now, you must be thinking that both are the movie’s website and both are good then why comparison or battle. For that, I think you should know which website consists of what and where you can look for your movies or TV shows

Are They Cost-Effective?

First of all, these websites do not cost you a single penny. I saw a lot of websites that charge a good amount of dollars to the users and provide online streaming services. However, Rainierlander and 123movies both do not ask for money and you can have access to thousands of movies and TV shows. Websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, they have monthly and yearly subscription procedures. As long as you are a movie lover and also want to save some bucks, then definitely go for these websites

Downloadable Content or Not?


This website doesn’t explicitly consist of a downloadable button with it, no download option!!! Is that bad? No worries, there are many options available to down content. I use IDM for my downloading and it works well. However, there are other alternatives which will help you to download your movie or TV shows


This gives you the benefit of a downloadable button right there below the play button. Besides the download button, they also show the quality of the video. That will help you to know about the picture quality. Sometimes when you click on download, it takes you to some third party website. Keep an eye on adverts.

Search Your Movie

The different website has different ways of searching for movies and TV shows.

On 123movies, GENRES, RELEASE, COUNTRY, LAST ADDED, MOVIES, TV-SERIES, TOP IMDB. These methods will give you a quick way to reach your movie. The last method is to search click on the search now block at the very top corner and search by name


Although there are only 2 to 3 ways on 123movies but there you will get more than six techniques to search for your movie or show.in the title bar you will get SUGGESTIONS, Recommended, Cinema, New Releases, Latest Updates, Most Viewed, Best Rated, Action, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance, 2019, 2018, 2017 and many more. In there, you will get the quick search option if you have the name of the movie and without a waste of time, you can enter the name on the space at the corner of the site.

Annoyed with Advertisements?

123movies doesn’t have any premium or plus membership option. So, simply you can do is to add Adblock extension to your browser. At Least you will not get any sort of pop-ups or ads during your smoothing video streaming.


Here you will get the premium option where you can watch your movie or show without any disturbance by the ads and also access to millions of title and latest shows plus movies with several video quality options

If Genre is Your Jam?

Do you like one kind of movie or I say one kind of genre such as action, comedy, horror or maybe you are a fan of anime? That is fine, I won’t judge you. But, if you are an explorer and like to experience a variety of genres, then this is the place where you can get more than 34 types of genres to watch. Whereas, in Rainierland you will get up to 20 plus genre and with a very high-quality experience.

Legitimate Status?

You are well aware of these websites. Well, if not! Then let me tell you this. These websites do not give revenue to the original creators or the production house. That’s why these are illegal, they just collect the content from several paid websites such as Netflix, Hulu or amazon prime. If you get something for free those these types of websites then definitely it is illegal. Furthermore, the law of the nation may block these sites if they find it and you will lose access to it.

Unblocked Proxy

Somehow if the law gets these websites and blocks it, then the only way to handle this situation is to use proxies. If you have never heard of this name proxy, let me explain it to you. By using proxies, you can hide your current location. Which means you are no longer belong to that area where these websites are blocked. Here you are! Finally using your favorite website for free without any interruption.

Travelling virus

This might look risk and it is to some extent but using one or two websites for online video streaming won’t hurt your computer if it has a firewall in it or any sort of antivirus to protect from a small form of threat. Adblocker will help you by avoiding accidentally clicking on any third party website link that may have contain any type of virus.


There is a large number of groups of people who love to watch online movies for free. On the other hand, some people get annoyed by the advertisement and do not want them to mess around. So, they prefer to pay and watch without interference. I can tell, once you visit these two websites and check the content, you will know the taste of free as well as paid at the same place without wandering here and there. If you think of it, paid subscription helps the real content producers but you know that, if you get something for free then why need to pay

Well, I enjoyed 123movies and Rainierland. I went through different movies and shows, to be honest, I like it and if you want to check whether they have interesting shows, movies or anything else. Please drop your experience of 123movies and Rainierland in the comment box below.


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