12 Time Management Tips That Will Make You A Productivity Master


Most people spend a lot of time thinking what to do than actually performing things. If you are a person who spends lot of time only analyzing the actions, then there are chances for you to get stuck.

Some of the best time management experts follow certain simple tactics which prevent them wasting precious minutes or hours. By following the tips, it is sure you can cut the mind chatter and remain more productive, perform more tasks than you have imaged in your dreams.

Tips for better time management

  1. Set daily goals: Ensure to set smart goals for the next day each night. If you do not have time at the end of day or in evening, you can set goals before starting to work in the morning. If you have set the goals, you would know exactly what to do and what not to do. This way, you will not be wasting time on things that are not necessary.
  2. Concentrate on tasks that have high returns: If you have noticed the most productive people, you would see them practicing the Pareto Principle. They use it as guide for their entire actions. According to this principle, 80% of your results depends upon 20% of your actions. Try to look the previous month and see what kind of tasks you have accomplished and how it has resulted in big changes for your business and for yourself. When you analyze, it is sure you will be surprised to see some of your actions that had made an impact. When you are planning the activities and preparing to-do list, concentrate on the activities which have high returns.
  3. Batch similar tasks: As you switch forth and back between various kinds of tasks, you need to keep readapting your mind as well as concentrate on the task on hand. It is best to do all the emailing tasks at one time either in the afternoon or in the morning. In the same way, make the entire phone calls at a fixed time. If you have meetings, fix all the meetings either in the morning or evening hours of day. This way, you can simply keep your mind focused on a particular mode of behavior.
  4. Delegate tasks: It is hard to do all the tasks on own. Before starting a task, question yourself ‘do I have to do this work on own?” If you feel like delegating, you need to find the right person. Search for the right person in your team and request them to do it for you. If it is one-time work, you can outsource the task through some popular outsourcing websites like Odesk or Elance. Ensure how you want the work to be done and share the requirements exactly. Some will not give all the instructions and end up spending time on editing or revisions.
  5. Get rid of non-essentials: When you are preparing a to-do list at the start of the day, you should ask certain questions to yourself- does this task has to be done? Is it important for today? How does it help in achieving my goals? If you find a task without clear benefit, it is recommended to erase from the list. As with best cybersecurity you are not safe so analysie and than use.
  6. Set a timer: If you are doing a large task, you can set time like 30 minutes or less according to the task. When you set a short time limit, you can focus on your efforts and work faster. It is better than taking your own time to do that specific task.
  7. Set a deadline: Do not underestimate the value of the deadline. If you do not have clear time limits, then there are chances for the task to keep continuing on and on. When you set a particular time frame, you would automatically devote your energy and time so as to complete the task. You would naturally eliminate things that would not help you to accomplish work within deadline.
  8. Set a target: Just like setting goals for the day, you have to fix goals for each kind of task. If you are writing a blog, you have to target drafting two blog posts. Ensure to stick to the commitment until you have completed the posts. Apart from spending few minutes for a bathroom break or sipping a coffee. Ensure to stick to the task until you finish.
  9. Complete the hard tasks first: When you are doing complicated or crucial tasks, you need to focus as much as possible. This way, you can quickly eliminate the unpleasant ones and complete the task easily. If you do not like a specific task that is very important, there are chances for procrastination. It is best to complete the task first so that you can enjoy the remaining part of the day. You will also feel relieved once you finish the task that has remained behind you.
  10. Work with natural rhythms: Are you a person who wakes up early in the morning? Well, you can use the morning hours to perform certain complicated tasks. Remember, complicated tasks will require a lot of brainpower. It is best to do such tasks at the beginning of the day. If you are remaining idle in the afternoon hours, you can plan to do some exercises so as to keep yourself up. Ensure to work hard at times when you have more energy.
  11. Learn to work quicker: By using a timer, you can focus completely on task and do more things in a short time. Moreover, you can also train yourself to work faster through skill-building and practice. If your typing speed is slow, you can take an online class. Speed reading programs help you in learning the material faster. You need to take additional training or keep practicing the task again to do more things in quick time.
  12. Eliminate distractions: Turn off all the distracting sounds like phone alerts, social alerts, email alerts, and other distractions to focus and complete your tasks.


Pick any of these tips or all these tips and implement immediately. It is sure you can see the best results in your productivity.


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